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How to Make Money Online in Kenya

Why stay broke when you can make money from the comfort of your home? Yes, it’s true. Thanks to the age of technology and the power of the internet, you can make a full-time living or earn a good side income by working online. That means no crazy 9-5 schedule, or traffic commuting to work, you have full financial freedom and a flexible schedule to work with.

In this post we’re going to show you how to make this possible. We’ll share with you how you can earn money online in Kenya. We’ll also walk you through four main job options, popular platforms where you can get these jobs, and what you need to get started. So, let’s get into it.

4 Types of jobs that can earn you money online

Online article writing

If you fancy yourself as a writer or have an interest in being a writer, then you can consider venturing into article writing. Have you ever read a blog, newsletter, or website? The content you see on such platforms is what article writing entails. In this job, expect to come up with content like product reviews, landing pages, About Us page, and press releases among others. For this kind of job, you will be expected to have great research skills, good English comprehension, and grammar. You will also be expected to know how to adapt things like tone and writing style to the target audience.

Data Entry

Simply put, Data entry involves inputting raw data into a computer and converting it into useful information. You may be expected to perform tasks like file conversion, for example converting an image into text format, or a word document into an excel sheet. You may also be required to conduct online searches and data collection. Other services you may offer include administrative services like filling out forms or surveys. But make no mistake, Data entry is not an effortless job or copying and pasting, nor is it a typing job. Aside from having great keyboard skills you also need good research skills and knowledge about file conversion, formatting, online research, and data collection.

Transcription and captioning

What is captioning?

If you’ve ever had to listen through your favorite song so you can write down the lyrics, then you have an idea of what transcription and captioning is. Both jobs entail listening to audio files and then converting them into texts or written documents. The two, however, differ because, with captioning, the texts are displayed along with the video, in segments aligned with the words being spoken. They’re almost like subtitles only captions are written in the original language and not translated into a different language.

When venturing into a job like transcription you should familiarize yourself with the different types of transcription, like real-time transcription, among others. Also get to know the different transcript formats for transcription like intelligent, verbatim, and Edited transcripts. Even with captioning you should know the different kinds of captions like closed captions among others. On top of that, you also need to have good English comprehension and be detail-oriented. It would also be a bonus if you have a sharp memory and good research skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Best Affiliate Marketing and SEO Course in Kenya 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a passive income online. Basically, you build a blog that will be earning you money each month Passively as you can monetize it with Ads and links to affiliate offers. It could be a blog about photography for example. Through this blog, you can promote products by adding their links to your content. These links have tracking IDs that allow the merchants to know who to pay whenever someone buys a product using the link. For example, let’s say you create a post about Best Cameras for beginners, and add Amazon links people can use to buy the cameras. If one of your readers ends up buying a camera using the links, Amazon will pay you a 3% commission on the cost of the camera. Simple right?

To get started in such a venture, you will need to build a website, which may need a small capital. You also need to know how to get traffic to your site. For that, you will need SEO training. Other than you should familiarize yourself with the available affiliate programs in Kenya such as Amazon Associates.

These four are just a few of the potential jobs you can get online. There are many other jobs available, including web development, graphic design, and social media marketing, among many others.

Point-to-note: We need to emphasize that none of the jobs mentioned here are get-rich-quick schemes. While online gurus may give you the illusion that you don’t require any skills to venture into any of these jobs, the reality is that none of these jobs are effortless. If you expect to be successful, you need to put in the required time and effort. Not to mention, you need to gain the necessary skills. Keeping this in mind, let us proceed.

Where can you get online jobs in Kenya?

There are many job opportunities when it comes to online work. You’ll find many job boards and freelance websites posting job opportunities or offering platforms for you to market your services. Below are four of the most popular and reliable platforms where you can get online jobs.


online jobs in Kenya

This is a popular freelancing site that’s suitable for both beginners and experts. Here you’ll get a wide range of jobs including article writing, data entry, and transcription. As for payments, Upwork is popular because it offers Mpesa as a payment option. So, you can conveniently receive your earnings after completing a job.


This is another great platform with a variety of job categories from Writing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Programming. If you’re looking for affiliate marketing jobs, this is a good platform for you. With this platform, you get to market your services by creating packages including rates and have clients approach you. The payment options available on this platform include PayPal, Payoneer, or Bank Transfer. While there isn’t a direct Mpesa payment option, it is possible to link your PayPal account to your Mpesa and transfer funds easily.

People Per Hour

Online job

Another reliable platform is People per hour. Here you will also find many categories of jobs, including Music and Audio jobs. Like Fiverr, you get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, and Bank transfers. If you want to access your money via Mpesa then opt for PayPal as a payment option.


If you’re looking for a Fiverr alternative then Legiit is a good option for you. They both allow you to market your services through packages. Clients can also post jobs and you can apply by sending a proposal. The payment options on this platform either PayPal or Payoneer.

What do you need to get started?

Now that you are aware of the different job options available online and the platforms where you can find them, let’s look at what you need to get started in your online career. Aside from a computer and stable internet, you also need:

A good portfolio. As a freelancer, working online, a portfolio is just as good as your CV. Clients want to see what you’ve done to be able to gauge your true skill. It is therefore important that your portfolio showcases your best skills, that way clients will be more inclined to hire you for the job.

The necessary skills. Each job requires a certain set of skills as I have previously mentioned. Affiliate marketing for example needs you to have SEO training, to drive traffic to your site. Without traffic, your site will not be able to make money. Similarly, with transcription, you need to be familiar with the different types of transcription and different formats of the transcripts. To gain these skills, you will need to train. The best way to train is by taking a course. While many courses are being offered, it is difficult to find good courses that equip you with the right skills. And that’s where we come in.

About Wingu Digital Training Courses.

Here at Wingudigitaltraining.com, we have taken the time to come up with four different courses, Professional Article Writing, Professional Data Entry, Professional Transcription, and Captioning, and Professional Affiliate Marketing and SEO training. Each of these courses is specially tailored for the Kenyan market and Africa as a whole.

In each course, we go into painstaking detail while providing you with a comprehensive guide for each of the four fields. We also train you on the common mistakes to avoid in each course, as well as, offer mentorship that helps you build a better mindset. What’s more, you will have a detailed assessment after every module to test whether you have mastered the skill, as well as, helpful feedback on where to improve. We understand that no matter how the good training is, there will always be questions so you’ll get exclusive access to our community on the Facebook group Wingu Master Minds, where you can get to connect with other freelancers and ask questions.

Why pick our courses and not other?

  • Our courses contain in-depth and comprehensive content that is simple to understand. We use as many relatable examples to help you understand, by applying them to your life. All the while, covering all the necessary bases.
  • Our course content is both in comprehensive text and video lessons. A comprehensive text and video lesson that makes it easier to consume the content from anywhere be it your laptop or mobile phone, in the house, or on the road.
  • You’ll also get practical test assignments with detailed feedback and assessment from our team to ensure you master the skills taught in the course. This way you can be sure that you can deliver exceptional value to your clients as you build your career.
  • We offer you a detailed plan of action that’s a step-by-step blueprint of how to get started and progress for each course. That way you won’t be lost about what to do next after training.
  • We teach you how to build professional portfolios, using the assessments you complete.
  • We also show you how to use the portfolio to land jobs.
  • We are also constantly updating our courses to keep up with the evolving market, so our students always remain ahead of the curve.
  • After the training, you will continue to receive expert mentorship through our Wingu Master Minds community on Facebook as well as by reaching out to us by email or call. Our team will be available for you, 24/7.

So, you can be sure that by taking up our courses, you will be receiving the best value for your money. But don’t just take our word for it, reach out to us and we will get you set up.


Thanks to the development in technology, you can easily earn a full income or side income from the comfort of your home. There are many job opportunities online for you to try out. While you don’t need a special degree to qualify, you do still need specific skills based on the niche you choose, in order to succeed. That is why we at Wingu took the time to come up with high quality courses, to help you do just that. By taking up our courses you can be sure that you’ll be getting value for your money. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us know and we’ll get you set up.

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