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Online Jobs in Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa

If you’re a freelancer in Kenya looking for online jobs with convenient payment options, then you’re in the right place. In Kenya, Mpesa is the most convenient payment option there is. The worst thing that can happen to you as a freelancer, is for you to do all the work but are unable to access your payments. So, we understand that it is important to find online jobs with convenient payment options.

That is why, in this post, we will share with you the online jobs available in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. But before we get to the jobs, let’s first walk you through the various platforms, where you can get these jobs, and which offer Mpesa payment options.

What are the job platforms that offer Mpesa payment options?

Online Jobs in Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa

There has been a gradual rise in interest in online work in Kenya. So, a lot of popular online job platforms, have begun considering alternative payment options that best suit their Kenyan audience. That is why most of these platforms have come up with either a direct or indirect Mpesa payment option.

What we mean by direct is that the platform can directly transfer funds to the Kenyan freelancer’s Mpesa account. A great example is Upwork, which partnered with Safaricom, to enable it to directly transfer funds from a Kenyan freelancer’s Upwork account to their Mpesa account. All you have to do is add your Mpesa details to your Upwork account and you’re all set.

Aside from Upwork, not a lot of platforms offer this direct option. The majority of them offer an indirect Mpesa payment option. Ever since money transfer sites like PayPal and Skrill came up with a way of linking their accounts to Mpesa, a lot of the online job platforms have been able to offer the Mpesa option to their Kenyan freelancers.

Platforms like Fiverr, People Per Hour, Legiit, Freelancer.com, and even Upwork offer PayPal payment options. Once you link your PayPal account to your Mpesa account, it is easy for you to access your earnings from these platforms. For example, once Fiverr transfers your payment into your PayPal account, you can then transfer it to your Mpesa account. Freelancer.com also offers Skrill as a payment option, which works the same way as PayPal. Simply link your Mpesa and Skrill account and you can easily access payments transferred from Freelancer through your Mpesa.

Keep in mind, that there are charges that apply during these transfers. For example, with Upwork, if the money is transferred directly to your Mpesa, Upwork will charge a fee of $0.99. Mpesa transaction charges also apply where possible. Alternatively, if Upwork first transfers the money into your PayPal account, then aside from the Upwork fee and applicable Mpesa transaction charges, PayPal may charge a 3% fee of the amount withdrawn.

What are the online jobs available on these platforms?

Now that you’re familiar with how the Mpesa payment option works on these platforms, we can proceed to the type of online jobs you can expect to find from these platforms. Here are 6 of the common jobs you’ll find on all of these platforms:

Online Writing

When you think of online writing think about the content you read on blogs or posts on social media platforms. Even the emails you receive from different business promoting their product is a form of online writing. The term is quite broad. Online writing is one of the most popular types of online jobs you’ll find on almost any platform, including, Upwork, Fiverr, Legiit, People Per Hour, and Freelancer. It may be broken down into subcategories like article writing, copywriting, content writing, blogging, or ghostwriting. If you are a writer, this is a great option to earn money working online.

Data Entry

Data entry mainly involves inputting raw data into a computer and then converting it into useful information. With this type of job, expect to offer services like file conversions like converting a word document into an excel sheet or an image into a text format. You may also offer web research services or administrative services like filling forms or customer services. It’s a great option especially if you have great researching and keyboard skills.

Transcription and Captioning

Both transcription and captioning involve converting audio files into text formats. The main difference is with captioning the texts are displayed on the video in alignment with the words being spoken. Their different transcription jobs you can expect like real-time transcription where you listen and covert live audio or medical transcription where you convert medical dictations into written formats. There are also different types of captioning including closed and open captions. You should consider these jobs especially if you have a sharp memory and are detail-oriented and attentive.

Digital Marketing

This is also another broad category of online jobs that you’re likely to find in all freelancing platforms. This job encompasses all forms of marketing done over the internet through electronic devices. One of the jobs found within this category is Social media marketing, which involves setting up profiles, managing social media content as well as setting up ads and managing them. A similar job includes influencer marketing which mainly entails you giving shoutouts to products and promoting them on different platforms. Other jobs are content marketing, email marketing, and Public Relations among others. If you have an interest in marketing then you can consider trying out these types of jobs. Keep in mind you’ll need some level of experience with Search Engine Optimization to help you get started.

Graphic Design

web design Online Jobs in Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa

This is yet another popular online job option. It entails offering services like designing posters, flyers, logos, and web banners. You may also be asked to design storyboards for videos or social media content like banners or video thumbnails. It’s the perfect job for you if you consider yourself creative.

Web Development

If your more of an IT person then you can consider venturing into web development as an online job option. You can get many job opportunities on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. Services may include setting up WordPress or ecommerce websites, to even fixing bugs.


There you have it, six jobs you can start today and get paid via Mpesa. Now you no longer have to worry about being broke or worry that you can’t access you hard earned money at the end of the day.

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