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How to Get Online Jobs in Kenya

Did you know that you can work online and earn a living? It’s true. In Kenya today, there may be a scarcity of office jobs, but there are numerous opportunities when it comes to online jobs. You can choose to work full time and earn a full-time income from it. Or you could work part-time for a good side income to complement your salary.

There are many Kenyans today making a living working online in the comfort of their home. So, in this post, we’re going to show you how you can also get a job online. But before we dive in, let’s first clear the air about the misconceptions that exist about online work.

What are these misconceptions about online jobs in Kenya?

Well, thanks to gurus online feeding people with falls illusions about what online work entails, many myths and misconceptions exist today. The common ones are:

It’s not a real job

Many people assume that working online is not a real job. They look at it as a pass time that earns them some money, as they search for real jobs. Contrary to their beliefs, you can earn a full-time living through online work as you would earning a salary with a 9 to 5 job. Just because you have a more flexible schedule that allows you to work from home or anywhere, doesn’t make online work any less of a serious career you can pursue than any other.

It’s easy

Gurus will try to sell online work as effortless. They may make it seem like it requires no skill and it is easy to become an expert within a couple of days. This is not the case. Like any job, different online jobs require a certain set of skills. While you do not need a degree or masters to gain such skills, you still do need to undergo some training for a few weeks at least. So, you see, online work requires time and effort, especially if you plan on making a successful full-time living out of it.

It’s a get-rich-quick scheme

How to Get Online Jobs in Kenya

A lot of you may be misled by the success stories shared by gurus online. You may be under the impression that by working online you will get instant money. However, the truth is, this is nothing like the online surveys that may pay you about 20 Kenyan shillings for each survey you fill. Online jobs entail real work that needs to be done and for that you require skills. So don’t expect to start earning a significant amount of money overnight as soon as you get started.

It’s a lot of work for little pay

You may have been misguided that online work offers very little pay for completing a large number of tasks. That is not true. You need to understand that with online work, the rates will depend on the type of job, how complex the job is, and who the client is. If you don’t have the required skills to complete the task then of course it will appear like a lot of work because you can’t comprehend it. But after gaining the right skills the work becomes easier. Additionally, the more complex a job is or the higher the level of expertise requires, the more you’re likely to get paid.

Now that the misconceptions have been cleared out. Let’s get into where you can find these online jobs in Kenya.

What platforms offer online job opportunities in Kenya?

Given the age of technology and the availability of the internet, many platforms have come up, which offer a space where freelancers or aspiring freelancers can find jobs online and apply, or market their services to potential clients. Such platforms offer a wide variety of categories when it comes to various online jobs. The most popular categories range from Writing, Graphic design, programming and technology, Digital marketing, and Virtual assistance among others.

These categories can be broken down further into different jobs. Writing for example entails jobs like article writing, content writing, and ghostwriting among others. Digital marketing may involve jobs like affiliate marketing, social media marketing, or influencer marketing among others. Similarly, with virtual assistance, you may be required to offer data entry services like file conversions or conducting online research. The list seems endless, it’s all a matter of what interests you.

You may be wondering how these platforms work? Some mainly operate using an abiding system. That means that a client posts a job and you along with other qualified individuals can apply for the job by sending a proposal or cover letter. Whoever the client feels best suits the job wins. Such platforms include popular freelancing websites like Upwork and People Per Hour.

Other platforms operate using a gig-like system. A gig is like a package of the services you offer along with the rates. You can market the packages on the platform and have clients approach you with offers instead. You can choose to pick the client with the best offer. Such platforms that mainly operate in this manner, are also reputable freelancing websites like Fiverr and Legiit.

Keep in mind that sites that operate on bidding systems also offer the option of marketing your service packages. Similarly, sites that operate on a gig system, offer the option of clients posting job opportunities. You can also find jobs on Job boards like ProBlogger, although this one is specific to online writing jobs. If you are looking for specific sites like transcription jobs then you can consider sites like:

  • Transcribe Me
  • Speech pad
  • Go scripts
  • Cloud factory
  • Casting words

How do you get paid?

Online Jobs in Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa

When considering getting an online job, this might be your biggest concern. But not to worry. The majority of these online job platforms have payment options that are convenient for their Kenyan freelancers. Upwork for example has the option of paying directly via Mpesa. This is the fastest and most convenient payment option.

The majority of the platforms, however, use PayPal which is the next most convenient option. Not just for transferring small amounts but also because you can link your PayPal account to your Mpesa and easily transfer funds. Skrill is another option offered by Freelancer.com that also allows you to link your Mpesa to your Skrill account.

Another common option, especially if you want to transact money globally and need a US bank account, is Payoneer. So, you can rest assured that you will receive your money after all the hard work.

And what skills do you need to get started?

Throughout this post, we’ve mentioned skills, and that’s because skills are very important to acquire before venturing into any type of online job. As mentioned earlier, each job requires a certain set of skills that goes beyond what you assume.

When you hear writing, for example, you may assume that you only need good writing skills right? Wrong. Writing entails more than just that, you also need editing and proofreading skills, not to mention good grammar and proficiency in written English. Even with a job like data entry, it is easy to assume that it is simply typing or a copy and paste job. While you do need good keyboard skills, you also need researching skills to help you collect and format information online. You also need knowledge of the various tools you may need for services like file conversions. Similarly, affiliate marketing is more than just product promotion. Outside of it you also need knowledge on building a website, keyword research, and the different types of SEO.

So, you see, skills are important. Especially if you are serious about building a career out of online work. The main question here now is how and where can you get such skills. As for how? Simple, through training. Find a good online course for your preferred online job and get started. And where do you find a good online course? We’re glad you asked.

About Wingu Digital Training Courses.

Here at Wingudigitaltraining.com we offer four amazing courses on data entry, affiliate marketing, article writing, and transcription and captioning. Trust us you won’t find better quality that’s more value for your money, anywhere. Each of the four courses is tailored to suit the Kenyan market and Africa as a whole, and they include:

Professional online article writing training

In the course, we go into painstaking detail about what article writing entails, the skills to write different types of article writing, and how to generate money from it. We also train you on how to become a better writer, the common mistakes to avoid. We also offer mentorship and help you build a better mindset. What’s more, you will have a detailed assessment after every module to test whether you have mastered the skill, as well as, helpful feedback on where to improve.

What do you gain from it?

  • Detailed training on how to write 10+ types of articles like blog posts, product reviews, and landing pages among others.
  • A step-by-step blueprint on how to land clients and jobs on multiple platforms like Upwork or job boards like ProBlogger.
  • Tips on how to write relevant quality content that clients love.


Professional data entry training

 Data Entry course

In this course, we first begin by explaining what data entry is and then take time to clear out the misconception you or others may have about Data entry. In addition, we familiarize you with the ethics code involved in data entry. We also teach you different services involved in data entry, such as file conversion and web research services among others. You’ll learn the required skills and tools you need to get the work done. We’ll then walk you through how to respond to job posts on different platforms and get paid to do data entry jobs. At the end of the course, you will also receive detailed practical tests to evaluate your knowledge and skill, along with useful feedback on areas you can improve on.

What do you gain from it?

  • Detailed training on the different data entry jobs like file conversion, web research, and transcription among others.
  • Insight on how to offer quality data entry services that clients appreciate.
  • A plan of action on how to land clients and jobs on multiple platforms like Upwork.


Professional transcription and captioning training

Expect to get detailed information about what transcription and captioning are and the different types that exist. Not only do we equip you with the necessary skills you’ll need we also point out the mistakes most transcribers and captions make and why you should avoid them. We go into detail about the various platforms where you can get clients, how you can set up the online accounts, create a portfolio and approach a client. We give you tips on how to set yourself up for success as well as the right mindset and mentorship to have. At the end of the course, you will be assessed to gauge your level of mastery and receive useful feedback and insight on where you can improve, as well as, a plan of action.

What do you gain from it?

  • Detailed training on the different types of transcription like Real-time transcription and General transcription among others.
  • Detailed training on the different types of captions like closed and open captions among others.
  • Knowledge on how to produce quality transcripts and captions that clients love.


Professional Affiliate marketing and SEO training

Best Affiliate Marketing and SEO Course in Kenya 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a passive income online. Basically, we teach you how to build a site that will be earning you money each month Passively as you can monetize it with Ads and linking to affiliate offers.  We break down affiliate marketing into its elements and go in-depth into what each entail. We will also teach you how to build a WordPress website from scratch without any coding experience. We will also teach you keyword research and how to use it to grow your site. Additionally, through SEO training, you’ll learn how to get organic traffic to your website from Google. We’ll walk you through how to get paid through affiliate marketing, as well as, familiarize you with the different affiliate programs. But the cherry on top is that you get a free student domain to practice WordPress on, on top of the practical assessments you receive at the end of the course to help you master all the concepts.

What do you walk away with?

  • Proper skills and adequate knowledge to start and build a career as an affiliate marketer.
  • You’ll be able to create a blog from scratch without any coding knowledge.
  • Access to our Wingu student website where you can practice how to publish and format content in WordPress before venturing on your own.
  • A detailed plan of action, to grow your blog. So, it can generate a full-time income for you.


Overall, why are our courses the best online training courses for online jobs?

  • They contain in-depth and comprehensive content that is simple to understand. We use as many relatable examples to help you understand by applying them to your life. All the while, covering all the necessary bases.
  • You get both comprehensive text and video lessons that make it easier to consume the content from anywhere be it your laptop or mobile phone, in the house, or on the road.
  • Each course has a practical assessment with detailed feedback from our team to ensure you master the skills taught in each course.
  • At the end of each course, you’ll get a detailed plan of action that’s a step-by-step blueprint of how to get started and progress after training.
  • We teach you how to build professional portfolios using the assessments you complete.
  • We also teach you how to use the portfolio to land jobs.
  • We are also constantly updating our courses to keep up with the evolving market, so our students always remain ahead of the curve.
  • After the training, you will continue to receive expert mentorship and support through our Wingu Master Minds community on Facebook as well as by reaching out to us by email or call. Our team will be available for you, 24/7.

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it, reach out to us for more information, and we can get you set up for a course that will be worth your money and time.


There are many job opportunities available on different online freelancing platforms in Kenya. Landing a job and getting consistent work is easy as long as you have the required skills. That is why we here at Wingu came up with four amazing courses to help you land and maintain clients online. We focus on giving you the right skills so you don’t have to waste time chasing down clients every time. So, join us today and get started with your course of choice.

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