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Learn in-depth skills and techniques on Professional content writing , write great articles for your clients , get consistent work and earn recurring income from your writing

Walk confidently into the future with the help of a highly experienced team.

Hello, Future Writer!

Welcome to Wingu where we are committed to giving you quality training that will put you ahead of the competition.

If you are committed to learning professional content writing read on because this course is designed for you.

Writing comes in handy in all spheres of life, and just like any other skill, it requires constant practice to master. Some writers do not know this, but training is vital if you want to turn your words into cash. This course is designed to give you the right start with practical skills that are in high demand

Here are some course features  : 

  • A detailed training on how to write 10+ types of articles like blog posts, product reviews and landing pages among others.
  • Comprehensive text and video lessons that makes it easier to consume the content from anywhere be it your laptop or mobile phone, in the house or on the road.
  • Insight on how to write relevant quality content that clients love.
  • A step-by-step plan of action blueprint on how to land clients and jobs on multiple platforms like Upwork or job boards like ProBlogger.
  • Expert mentorship. Aside from being a part of our Wingu Master Minds community on Facebook, you can reach out to us 24/7 on email or call, whenever you need guidance.
  • Insight on how to write awesome proposals on Upwork that GREATLY increase your chances of landing a client even as a newbie.
  • Learn how to build a professional portfolio from the articles you write for assessment during training.
  • Know how to use your portfolio to land jobs. Portfolios are like a CV when applying for online writing jobs, which is why we teach you how use the portfolio you build during training to attract clients.
  • Practical test assignments with detailed feedback and assessment from our team to ensure you master the skills taught in the course. This way you can be sure that you can deliver exceptional value to your clients as you build your career.
  •  Insights on how to setup a blog/website from scratch
  • Mentorship from a team of expert content writers.
  • High standards of training to ensure you are competitive in the industry. We also update the course frequently to keep up with the market.
  • 24-hour technical support from our team available via call or email.
  • Constantly updated content, to provide you with relevant information that puts you ahead of the curve in the market.

Not so shabby, right?

That – and a lot more – is what we offer. Wingu prepares you for a successful future as a freelance writer so you can add value to your clients and get consistent work.

Well, that’s exactly what I’m offering you; to help you become a successful freelance writer. Here at Wingu, we pride ourselves in offering our students relevant content that ensures they are ahead of the curve. We are constantly keeping track of the changes that occur in the ever-evolving online world and updating our courses accordingly. You can be sure that the methods, tools, and skills we teach you are up-to-date and apply to the current market.

Details of Offer

This offer is for aspiring content / article writers.

  • Duration:  5 weeks (It can take longer or shorter depending on your pace)
  • Full access to the course
  • Mode of access: Online based study.
  • Part of the package: 3 Master assessments / Practical tests and feedback on your copies

Get to know us a little

We have coached 100+ content writers  from total newbies to top-rated experts on different platforms like Upwork over the last 7 years. During this time, we gathered what the market needs and the gaps that exist. We know the myths and misconceptions people have about writing  and the common mistakes  writers make, ways to correct them, and how to turn average writers into great ones.

If we have learnt anything from the seven years, it is that, if you are always willing to improve your skills, and consistently practice, you can build a successful career in article writing.

How is this course different from other content writing courses?

At Wingu training, our goal is to create a freelance workforce that can deliver the kind of quality the online market needs and fill the gap that currently exists. We strongly feel that freelancers need more systematic, advanced and extensive training on article writing  to compete in the International Market.
The present market is full of shallow , low quality courses and tutorials that don’t add any real value to your overall content writing career and don’t help you much when it comes to support , gaining relevant in-depth practical skills that gives you an edge in todays market. While most article writing  courses  focus very little on skills, and  much more on chasing down clients for work we do the opposite.

We take on a skills-first approach, where we aim to equip you with in-depth skills and techniques that make you a high-value writer. We first ensure that you will be able to deliver quality work and stand out from the competition. That way you’ll not only attract clients but also get consistent work, instead of chasing down clients all the time. So, yes, we do show you how to get consistent work, but first, we give you the right skills to give you a competitive edge in the market.

Requirements for the Course

Access to a computer, internet, good grammar ,  interest in reading and writing , focus and dedication.


Here are some more goodies

When you complete the course, you get the following;

  • Exclusive access to our community Wingu Master Minds group on Facebook.
  • The right mindset to start a successful career.
  • A great portfolio from the assessments you complete during training.
  • A plan of action on how you can to find jobs and start earning with your acquired skills

Content Writers are in Demand

Good content translates to revenues, and so that means content writers are constantly in high demand. The world has embraced digital marketing in a way that ensures good writers will always have their plates full. You can only take advantage of this evolution if you can provide the kind of service marketers are looking for, and Wingu equips you with skills for this market.

We teach you;

  • Web content writing.
  • Copywriting techniques
  • Writing for businesses
  • Search engine Optimized content writing

…and much more.

Learn Effective Content Writing

You too can be a highly sought-after content writer if you;

Received practical training that is relevant and up-to-date.

If you become consistent and committed in your content creation.

Don’t wait another day to become the content creator you admire. Start today.

Learning Outcomes of this Course

This course will teach you the foundation of professional freelancing to getting clients. These are some
of the things you will learn ;

You can view the course structure here 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Professional Freelance Writing

Chapter 2: General Principles of Good Writing

Chapter 3: Research Tools

Chapter 4: Skills Training

Chapter 5: Writing Revenues

Chapter 6: Creating a Website, Self-Publishing an eBook, and Setting up a Portfolio

Chapter 7: Common Mistakes Writers Make

Chapter 8: Mindset & Mentorship

Chapter 9: Submission & Assessment

Chapter 10: Final Tips and Q&A

Get ready to learn these and more from in only a few weeks;

  • The essentials of professional writing.
  • Earning from writing – Getting consistent work
  • How to create a good portfolio


Upon finishing the course, we will give you a certificate of completion.

How to Enroll

To enroll , please fill in the Student application form below and our team will reach out to you via call. Here is the step by step process of enrolling into one of our online coaching programs. 

  • 1
    Fill in the student application form below
  • 2
    Once you fill out the application click on the “Submit Details” button 
  • 3
    After you submit your application , now wait for a call from our team – You should get the call within 24-48 Hours after submitting your application
  • 4
    Once you are accepted into one of our programs, we will guide you on how to make the payment to get enrolled

Student Application Form – Apply to Join Our Coaching Program 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide support to trainees?
We do provide round-the-clock support to our trainees. We are always available via email or call, to address your questions and concerns about the course to those enrolled with us.
Will Wingu help me get job opportunities ?
Yes. We show you the best platforms where you can find clients. We teach you how to write winning proposals that increase your chances of getting hired. We also help you build strong portfolios that will help you land a job. However, we don’t guarantee jobs because in the end it also depends on several factors including your skills, experience, nature of work, quality, and commitment.
What is the duration of the course and when does it start?
It’s an online course that starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. Ideally, it can take you 5 weeks to complete. If you’re taking a combo course, for example, Professional article writing and Professional affiliate marketing and SEO training courses, then it may take you more or less 8 weeks depending on your speed.
How long do I get access to the course material?
Once you are enrolled you will have one year of access to the course. This is because we are constantly updating the courses to ensure we keep up with the changing online market.
What sets this course apart from others?
One: We focus on teaching you in-depth skills from the ground up while most of the other courses are really shallow and don’t fully prepare you for the market.

Two: We guide you through each of the practical tests that we give you once you’ve completed as required.

Three: Every chapter of the course contains relatable examples that help you understand each point fully.

Four: Unlimited round-the-clock support from a team of experts.

Five: Exclusive access to our strong community Wingu Master Minds Group  on Facebook

What successful trainees are saying…

Samuel Ngure

Terrific Training

Let me start by saying to get to where I am today, has been a long and tedious journey, and probably one a lot of people can relate to. Like every graduate, I left University with the dream that I’ll be able to land my dream job soon after and my future would be set. Reality kicked in after two years of endless interviews and the same response. After that, it was one disappointing employment after another. High-stress level jobs with little to no rewards, and no opportunities for growth.
Later I tried my luck online but fell prey to quite a few pyramid schemes sites and fake online jobs that falsely promise you high-earning jobs if you pay them. After I tried taking some online courses that were highly recommended by some freelancers I met online. I thought that if I upped my skills, I’d be better off in the online market. I guess my biggest lesson from it is never trust anyone online trying to sell you quick results.
It wasn’t after I came across Wingu courses that I realized just how shallow most of the other courses were. It’s been one and a half years since I discovered Wingu. Since then, I’ve done several of their courses, and let me just say, those were the best investments in myself. What I love most about Wingu courses is how detail-oriented and comprehensive they are. They cover all the bases without bombarding you with too much information, nor leaving you with any pending questions. The examples they used to explain their points were relatable which made it easier to understand. They took very complex concepts and broke them down so simply, even a 12-year-old would be able to understand.
I’m also not much of a reader so I appreciated the fact that they availed the lessons in video formats as well. Those really came in handy during my lazy days or when I had a busy schedule but still wanted to squeeze in a lesson. I also loved that their content was engaging through and through. The feedback they gave back with every assessment was also very detailed and helpful. They’d highlight what I was doing wrong and how I could improve it. It finally felt like I was learning something concrete.
With each course I took, I felt like I walked away with more than I paid for. The Wingu team went above and beyond to ensure that I was fully equipped with the skills I needed. Which was another thing I loved about them. They didn’t give you false promises of quick results. They prepared you for the work that needed to be done and put me in the right mindset to get it done. Their support team was always there when I needed any guidance or felt stuck. Even after the courses, the Facebook community has continued to hold my hand in my journey. There are a lot of like-minded people on there, ready to help with any question or share their experience.
Overall, I would recommend any of the Wingu courses to any and everyone. With Wingu, you can be sure you’re getting value for your money. Thanks to them, I am now a top-rated writer and transcriptionist on Upwork and I run several successful affiliate sites, and I couldn’t have done that without Wingu Digital Training.

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