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Build a Skillset that Generates a Consistent Income which makes you Proud, So You Can Create a Life That Makes You Happy

Wingu training turns ordinary freelancers into brands that demand respect in the online freelancing industry. We help aspiring freelancers gain valueable skills to make money online , so they can build a life they deserve.We hands-down offer the best courses on the planet for aspiring freelancers serious about about making money online. You will be hard-pressed to find any other course with the level of attention , detail and support Wingu has to offer , we go far and beyond to equip you with market ready skills so that you build a successful career , make a consistent lucrative full time income online & make your family proud. 

We Help Freelancers
Gain Valuable Skills

A successful freelancing career requires skills and discipline. Freelancing isn’t a get rich quick scheme ;its real work that pays. Many newbie freelancers think they don’t need any skills to join the online freelancing industry , and so they blindly take up everything they find along the way. Because they don’t know what works in the industry, they are unable to achieve success and make a living from it.

And Become Skill
Oriented Freelancers

Only a small percentage of freelancers makes the cut here. They are focused, knowledge seekers, and they know what is expected of them in the market because they have taken time to build their skills. These freelancers are focused , ethical, deliberate, and conscious of their clients’ needs. They take freelancing as a long-term career, and so they become highly sought after.

How Wingu Works

What Makes Us Different

Wingu offers holistic high quality training to equip freelancers with in-demand skills to prepare them for success . We create solutions that not only work, but ensure our students achieve constant sucess 

In-depth Skills Training

Our training emphasizes strongly  on industry relevant skills . We believe people learn best through practical examples, which is why our courses have a variety of practical assessments. We ensure our courses meet high quality industry standards and are updated frequently to keep up with the market. 


The right mindset determines how successful you become. Besides equipping you with practical skills, we have a members’ only Facebook group for mentorship. We have a team of experts who will constantly guide you through this learning experience.


It is hard to do the right thing if you don’t know what that is in the first place. The online world has a code of ethics that separates wheat from the chaff. We will teach these ethics to you to give you an edge over the competition.

Practical Assessments

You are not industry-ready until you know what the industry needs. Our practical assessment ensure that you understand the concepts  and give you confidence to handle actual client work and deliver competitive results. 

Tested and Proven Results

We focus on teaching relevant and valuable skills in the industry and that will give you an edge over other freelancers 

Active Students Enrolled

Testimonials & Reviews

Jobs Created

We take a Holistic Approach to Training

Our process is battle tested and continually refined. We teach you everything you need to know from  practical skills to mindset. 
This is what we offer;

  • Awareness – Knowledge and understanding of the industry.
  • In-depth Skills – Strong emphasis on practical skills   
  • Practical assessments –Tests that will build your skills and confidence.
  • Mindset – Developing the right mindset for professional freelancing.
  • Mentorship – Guidance and insights on the industry from experienced freelancers.
  • Discipline – Commitment, drive, control, and consistency.

Get the Right Foundation for the Future

A strong foundation ensures a stable future. We give you the skills you need for today, tomorrow, and the future. The only way to move is up and ahead if your foundation is strong enough to overcome turbulence.

Online Learning Platform

Access our courses from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Join a Vibrant Online Community

No matter how good the training is, you’ll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to our online community with over 100 vibrant freelancers. Its a  great place to learn, engage with like-minded people while gaining insights from industry experts.

Why choose Wingu Digital Training

We teach you  valuable skills thats attracts high paying clients who want to work with you long term and this in turn makes you an authority in your niche . This approach is much more efficient and gives long term results instead of  teaching you how to desperately chase after clients , sending countless emails hoping that someone hires you. This only leads to frustration and burnout. Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats.

Why train with Wingu?
Wingu provides up to date holistic training that gives you a competitive edge over other freelancers. We have a strong focus on skills, discipline , ethics and mindset.
What is the future of online work?
Digital marketing / Freelancing is only scratching the surface, and so the possibilities are endless. There is an enormous demand for qualified skilled freelancers and its growing year after year.
Is there an age limit for taking up the courses?
No there isn’t. However, conviction and focus are required from every student to successfully completing the training
I am a working professional and work in different shifts. Can I still take up training ?
Yes. We have many successful students who are working professionals.
How is your training conducted?

Our courses are online-based for scalability purposes. Our course content in both comprehensive text and video formats. That way you can access the course from anywhere and at any time.

Do you issue certificates of completion?

Yes, we do issue certificates of completion after you have met the set requirements. However, our focus and emphasis is on skills that you will gain along the way and the portfolio you build to showcase your skills to potential clients.  

Interested in Online freelance training?

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