Our Story

Wingu is a company that arose from an itch that our founder, Kim , could not seem to scratch. The online freelance digital market keeps growing, but talent cannot seem to keep up. Having experienced firsthand  how hard it was to source and hire qualified freelancers , Kim set out to create a skills-focused freelance/digital marketing training school that would produce a quality highly skilled workforce and open up opportunities for them. From this Wingu was born.

Kim Kobia

Founder , Wingu Digital Training

Skills focused Training 

Most freelancers assume they have market-ready skills, and so they rush to apply for jobs without taking  time to perfect their craft. It’s not their fault, though, as many of the online courses focus heavily on teaching you how to get work/clients with very little emphasis on improving your skill set first. These low quality training courses have created a lot of unrealistic freelancers who are in the industry for overnight riches and are completely clueless on the skills required in the market . We realized this and set out to create the best training school for freelancers , with a strong emphasis on skills , results and discipline. This way our focus is more on the value and the skill set you can offer so that you attract clients as opposed to teaching you how to aggressively look for  clients without teaching you the required skills. 

What we truly are about

We are result-driven and we are building a team of hardworking , inspired, smart, and driven individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. We try never to forget that our courses are for the people, not for profits . We believe that we have the best online courses on the planet for helping freelncers gain valuable skills , offer massive value and make money in the process

Our Course Values


Wingu is all about helping our students gain valuable skills so that they deliver exceptional results to clients and get consistent work

We dedicate our time and effort to helping our students and we let their results speak for us.

Our Core Values


Customer Centered

Customer is still king and we live this every day by equipping our students with the skills to give customers the value they deserve.


Self Discipline

We teach you practical skills that give you plenty to do so that you manage your time wisely.



We believe every freelancer should follow a code of ethics that we teach our students to ensure high quality work that exceeds expectations.


Results Focused

We believe that people are powerful beyond measure and can live the lives of their dreams.


Great Customer Service

We put our clients first by focusing on their needs at whatever level they are. Our services are highly personalized.


Practical Skills and Assessment

We teach through practical, done-for you samples, and plenty of quizzes to enhance the learning experience and get you ready for the market.

Our Students’ Success
Is our Success

We know what is available on the market, and have found the ideal way to out you ahead of the pack. Because other courses are quite shallow, they go straight to teaching students how to make money from skills they do not have. In a bid to cover a lot in as few words as possible, they make easy things too complicated by ignoring that students have varying levels of comprehension.

We don’t agree with this one-size-fits-all move, which is why we demonstrate every little concept simply and clearly, packaging them in snackable formats that take into consideration the various needs of all our students.

Most course creators don’t bother with what works currently. They present outdated content and methods that may have worked a few years ago, but are no longer effective today. We are constantly updating our material to keep it relevant to the current market so our students have an edge over the competition.


  • Strong emphasis on skills
  • Practical Assessments
  • Exposure to Job Opportunities
  • Community for Mentorship
  • High standards of training



Wingu’s mission is to create a customer-centric freelance workforce that will put quality before profits. To deliver this, we focus obsessively on student experience and performance in the following ways:

We give done-for-you examples, in-depth explanations, interactive quizzes, thorough training, an easy-to-use Wingu platform, unbeatable customer service, practical assessment tests, and intense focus on practical skills. We do all this with the aim of equipping our students with the best market-ready skills.


Creating the absolute highest quality of freelance workforce on the planet.

We achieve this by teaching them skills from the bottom up in an interactive learning environment.


Because our focus is on the customer, we equip our students to deliver quality to clients in a timely manner. In a market of so many freelancers without the right skills, we envision disciplined and ethical students that are in high demand in the marketplace for delivering exceptional results.

We focus obsessively on student experience, passing on valuable knowledge, quality customer support, and an interactive platform. Because our students are at varying levels of experience, we explain digital marketing concepts in a way that a 6-year-old would understand. We believe that Awareness + Skills + Practical Assessments = Results + Placements

At Wingu, we are committed to creating a quality online workforce one freelancer at a time.

Want to Join our Team?

You will be the perfect fit for our team if:

You Get things Done

We like our teams lean, and so everyone working with us is result-oriented and committed to getting things done efficiently and timely.

You can do the Heavy Lifting

To achieve our goals, we need everyone on our team to hold their own with as little management as possible. We give you the tools and expect you to deliver results within agreed timelines.

You Like Being Part of a Team that Gets Things Done

We are a unit, and if one of us is weak, they weaken the rest. We hold each other accountable and ultimately, win together.

If these points describe you, then you would fit perfectly at Wingu, and you will get all the support you need to soar. Your success is ours, and so we hold nothing back when it comes to our team. Feel free to apply here for a chance to work in out team