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Best online training in Kenya

Are you looking to make money online and where to find the best online training course to get you started? Then you’ve come to the right place. Gaining the right skills before venturing into online work is very important.

That is why in this post, we want to share with you what the best online training course is and what it entails. We will also share with you the best online training course in Kenya that you can try out today. Unfortunately, there are many low-quality online courses out there that come with a lot of hype and empty promises. So, you end up losing money without gaining any relevant skills. To help you avoid this, we want to start by sharing with you what makes a good training course and the red flags to look out for when choosing one. So, let’s get started.

What to expect in a good online training course?

While you may not need a degree or Ph.D. to build a successful career as a freelancer, you do still need to gain the required set of skills for the field you venture into. Whether it’s online writing, data entry, graphic design, transcription, or affiliate market marketing among others, each of them requires you to have certain skills to succeed. For that, you need proper training. There are many online courses available but you must pick the right online course. To help you out, here are what to expect from a good online training course:

A clear and detailed course outline and learning objectives

a clear list

A good online training course will have a detailed breakdown of everything you’re going to learn in the course. It should extensively cover all the necessary aspects of the subject. For example, if the course is on writing, it should be able to cover everything from what writing is, to the different types that exist, to the different skills need, to where and how you can get clients. Aside from a detailed course outline or overview, they could also provide you with clear learning objectives. That is, what do you expect to learn or what skills do you expect to have gained after successfully completing the course.

Comprehensive and in-depth course content

The content itself in a good course should cover everything while paying attention to detail. It should clearly explain every point with relevant and relatable examples that help you as the learner easily understand. The content should also be simple and engaging so it’s easy for you to follow through till the end. A good course shouldn’t leave you with more questions than answers after reading the content.

Evaluation and assessments

A good online course should include practical tests and not just reading and watching content. That is why practical assessment is a very important part of a good online training course. Through tests and assessment, you and your instructor can gauge and evaluate the level of understanding you have gained from the course. But simply testing you isn’t enough. Your instructor should be able to give you useful feedback on what you’ve done right and where you should make improvements. They should be able to guide you on how to make that improvement. If possible, the assessments should be after every module in the course or at least at the end of it.

Accessible Support

Best online training in Kenya

With a good online training course, there should be a support team that you can call and email before, during, or even after taking the course. The support team should be able to answer your questions, offer guidance where need, and help you troubleshoot any problems that may come up. If the course doesn’t offer this type of live call/email support, it may be in your best interest to avoid

Available community.

Aside from contact support a community is very important. Even with a good training course, you are likely to have questions as you start to apply the knowledge you gained from the course. The community isn’t just a way to keep in touch and have support from your instructors, it’s also a great platform for you to share your experiences with fellow trainees who also underwent the course. It’s great for networking and gaining insight into what other people are doing that you can try out.

Access to video and text formats

There are a variety of students who’ll apply for a course. Some students prefer video content, that they can watch as opposed to scrolling through notes. Alternatively, some students may prefer reading through the content as opposed to watching videos. A good course should be able to accommodate both types of students buy proving both video and text formats.

Constant Updates

Change is the only constant thing in the world. Everything keeps developing and evolving with each passing day. So, you can’t expect methods that worked 10 years ago, to still apply today. That is why it’s important for a course to stay relevant to what’s happening TODAY, to ensure that as students you’re always ahead of the curve. Most gurus online never update their courses. You’ll find that their course content has outdated material even though the online job market is constantly evolving.  Updating the learning material of the course, ensures success in your professional career.

Red flags to watch out for when picking an online training course

Okay, so now you know what makes up a good course. Keep in mind, however, that there are courses that are well marketed, despite being low quality and shallow.  Such courses can succeed in coaxing you into buying their course. To avoid losing your money by buying into a shallow course, here are the common red flags you should keep an eye out for when it comes to online training courses:

Gurus who market online work as effortless

You should beware of online training courses where gurus try feeding you the illusion that starting a career online as a freelancer is easy. They may tell you that it’ll only take a couple of days to make you an expert. The truth is, it takes some time and effort for you to build a successful career as a freelancer to a level of expertise. That is something that happens gradually as you gain more experience working and progressing in your freelancing career.

Training that promises quick results

picking an online training course

Also, avoid short online training courses that promise you quick results and that you’ll start making big money in less than two weeks or so. All this is a hoax. A good course that truly covers all the bases should take at least 4+ weeks to complete. You will also not start earning a lot of money immediately afterward. It will take some time to build a reputation amongst your clients.

A course that markets the guru more than its content

There are a lot of popular gurus online. You may feel inclined to buy their courses based on how popular they are. You may even consider them reputable based on their success story, so it is obvious they know what they are teaching right? Wrong. The popularity of a guru is not a guarantee of the quality of their course. Most of these gurus know how to market themselves but unfortunately, their courses may end up being shallow and not worth your money.

Course outlines

One of the easiest tell-tale signs of a bad online training course is its course outline. If the course outline is shallow then chances are that the course is shallow as well. So, be sure to go through the course outline before purchasing a course. Find out if what they’re offering is in-depth and comprehensive or if you’ll be missing out on a lot of information even after taking the course. A good way of doing this is by comparing many similar courses, to see which one offers the most information, that’s relevant as well.

Accessibility of the support team behind the course

When choosing an online training course, it’s important to ensure that there is a knowledgeable support team that you can call or email in case of any issues. You may have a question as you go through the course, or face technical issues. So, you want to be sure that in such events, there is someone or a team of people that you can get in touch with for help regarding the course. If a course isn’t offering this then it’s best to avoid it.

Lack of a community

Aside from a support team, it is also necessary to have a community that continues to support you even after the training. I’ve already mentioned that a community is very important because it’s a platform where you can share experiences, gain helpful insight and mentorship as well as, network with other freelancers. A good course considers this, therefore, a course not offering this kind of after support may not be worth considering.

Extremely cheap courses

Best online training in Kenya

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘Cheap is expensive’. In this case, the phrase rightfully applies. I can understand your skepticism about spending a lot of money on a course. But think about it. Imagine you’re buying a car and come across two cars, one that’s costly and another extremely cheap one. The highest probability is that the costly car will be brand new and probably the latest model, while the cheap car maybe a second-hand old model, right? The same principle applies to online training courses. If a course is extremely cheap, it’s likely that the content it offers is also shallow and of poor quality. That is not to say that you should be tricked into buying overpriced courses either. Take time to evaluate the price against the quality and depth of the content it offers.

Outdated content

If a course doesn’t offer any updates to its course, then it is best to avoid it. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind using outdated skills and methods that applied almost a decade ago. You also won’t have knowledge of the recent methods and tools that have evolved over time.

Now that we’re discussing quality and affordable online training courses, you must be wondering where you can find such a course

About Wingu Digital Training Courses

Allow me to introduce you to the four amazing courses we offer here at Wingudigitaltraining.com. You won’t find better quality that more value for your money, anywhere. Each of the four courses is tailored to suit the Kenyan market and Africa as a whole. The four courses we offer include:

Professional online article writing

Professional online article writing

Here we go in-depth into what article writing is and the different contents that exist in this category including blog posts, product reviews, and an about us page among others. On top of it, we equip you with skills that will make you a better writer and caution you on the common mistakes to avoid as a writer. We teach you where and how to approach clients. How to come up with winning proposals that increase your chances of landing jobs on platforms like Upwork. What’s more, you’ll receive a detailed practical assessment after every module to test your understanding of the subject and be provided with insightful feedback on where to improve.


Professional data entry courses

In this course, we first begin by explaining what data entry is and the different services involved in such a job such as file conversions and web research services among others. We also take time to clear out the misconception you or others may have about Data entry. We teach you the required skills for the job, as well as, the necessary tools you need to get the work done. In addition, we familiarize you with what the ethics code in data entry is. On top of that, we walk you through how to respond to job posts on different platforms and get paid to do data entry jobs. At the end of the course, you will also receive detailed practical tests to evaluate your knowledge and skill, along with useful feedback on areas you can improve on.


Professional Transcription and Captioning

Professional Transcription and Captioning

With this particular course, we go into intricate detail about what transcription and captioning are. We help you understand the difference between them and their different types. Aside from equipping you with the required skills for both jobs, we familiarize you with the essential tools you will need to work with, as well as the terminologies you will come across. During the course, we will help you improve your typing speed, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We offer you tips on the best practices to apply as a transcriber or captionist. We also show you the different platforms you can get long term work and clients from. In the end, you will be assessed using detailed practical tests to evaluate how well you understood the content and feedback on where your strengths are as well as areas that need improvement.


Professional Affiliate marketing and SEO training.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a passive income online. Basically, we teach you how to build a site that will be earning you money each month Passively as you can monetize it with Ads and linking to affiliate offers.  We break down affiliate marketing into its elements and go in-depth into what each entail. We will also teach you how to build a website from scratch without any coding experience. We will also teach you keyword research and how to use it to grow your site. Additionally, through SEO training, you’ll learn how to get organic traffic to your website from Google. We’ll walk you through how to get paid through affiliate marketing, as well as, familiarize you with the different affiliate programs. But the cherry on top is that you get a free student domain to practice WordPress on, on top of the practical assessments you receive at the end of the course to help you understand all the concepts.

Why pick our courses? Well, based on the qualities of a good online training course we discussed earlier:

  • Our courses contain in-depth and comprehensive content that is simple to understand. We use as many relatable examples to help you understand, by applying them to your life. All the while, covering all the necessary bases.
  • Our course content is both in comprehensive text and video lessons. A comprehensive text and video lesson that makes it easier to consume the content from anywhere be it your laptop or mobile phone, in the house, or on the road.
  • You’ll also get practical test assignments with detailed feedback and assessment from our team to ensure you master the skills taught in the course. This way you can be sure that you can deliver exceptional value to your clients as you build your career.
  • We offer you a detailed plan of action that’s a step-by-step blueprint of how to get started and progress for each course. That way you won’t be lost about what to do next after training.
  • We teach you how to build professional portfolios, using the assessments you complete.
  • We also show you how to use the portfolio to land jobs.
  • We are also constantly updating our courses to keep up with the evolving market, so our students always remain ahead of the curve.
  • After the training, you will continue to receive expert mentorship through our Wingu Master Minds community on Facebook as well as by reaching out to us by email or call. Our team will be available for you, 24/7.



We cannot stress the importance of skills enough when it comes to online work. The best way to gain the skills is through training. We are aware of the fact that a lot of the courses out there are about making money. We on the other hand are about providing you with quality and equipping you with relevant skills that are up-to-date. Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it, reach out to us for more information, and we can get you set up for a course that will be worth your money and time.

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