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Congratulations ! You have been accepted into our training and we believe you will get a lot of value from our coaching program . We are looking forward to your success ! Now , the final step to get enrolled is making the payment for the course. You can pay through M-Pesa and below is the Lipa pole pole  payment plan. 

Payment Plans  

With Lipa Pole pole , you can pay for the training in 6 Monthly installments  

  • First Initial Deposit Installment – Ksh 3,000 – Month 1
  • Second Installment – Ksh 3,000  – Month 2
  • Third Installment – Ksh 3,000  – Month 3
  • Fourth Installment – Ksh 3,000  – Month 4
  • Fifth Installment – Ksh 3,000  – Month 5
  • Sixth Final Installment – Ksh 2,500  – Month 6

* You will get Full access to the course with this payment plan. 

How to Enroll – Start With only Ksh 3,000

Here are the steps to pay and enroll using Mpesa

  • 1
    Go to the Mpesa menu on your phone
  • 2
    Go to “Lipa na Mpesa” , then “Buy goods and services “. Enter Till Number as “5968393” and amount (Depending on your Installment / Payment plan) then  enter your PIN
  • 3
    Wait for a confirmation message from MPesa with the transaction code.
  • 4
    Fill the form below and click “Submit details”. After our team verifies the payment ( Within 5 -10 minutes )  you will get an email with a link to join the course.

Lipa Pole Pole Mpesa Payment Form

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