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Apart from Training we also offer



We train on various digital marketing skills including content writting for both new writers and corporate writers. We also have other courses on the way that we will will lauch soon including transcription training and email marketing training. Each course will be highly detailed and cover indepth relevent skills to make you competitive in the market.



Article Writing

We have a trained team of writers who understand  what readers and search engines need. Content marketing is clearly a highly important part of any online strategy. That’s why at Wingu, we offer our clients a content writing service that meets the high standards that a professional, high-quality website requires.
Need to write content for your website and meet deadlines? We will be happy to discuss our prices that are customized depending on your needs.


Website Design

Do you need a website that represents your company well AND grows your business. Over the last 7 years , Wingu has created gorgeous, effective, and custom websites that are designed for our clients’ needs and specifications.Our website design services will deliver a website that is custom ,mobile-friendly, responsive , SEO-optimized , visually appealing and easy to use . You to be involved in every step of the process and have direct communication with the web team to discuss your requirements.


Virtual Assistance

We have an inhouse team of multi-skilled, professionally trained, and ethical virtual assistants ready to take on tasks that you need to outsource. Our team is honest, loyal, dependable,communicate clearly both in verbal and written English, have an eye for detail, friendly , and affordable. We are working on becoming the top-of-mind virtual assistant service for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.



We provide qualified trained online workforce for online entrepreneurs with skill expertise in online work. We recognize and foster talent and we are fully capable of staffing and managing your team for you to reduce the time you spend on your online ventures.

Do you need any/all of these services? Talk to us on hello@wingudigitaltraining.com.

About Us

7 years ago we started training writers who joined our team. Back then, we only intended to grow the skills of our in-house writers, but we soon realized we could do more. We haven’t looked back since then, and over time our services have expanded a great deal.

Our team that comprises of Kenyan virtual assistants, content developers, web designers, online marketers, and subscribers, has continually given its best, which is how we have grown to the brand we are today.

For 5 years, we have been working with SMEs in areas of internet marketing, business, travel, finance, health, entertainment, sports and fitness, technology, spirituality, politics, education, and more. We have learned what each business/industry needs, and we make adjustments to accommodate those needs.

Our main objective is to give your business an edge over others, and we do this through tested methods. We work hand in hand with you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your business.

  • 7
    Years in Business

  • 4.9
    Customer Satisfaction (1-5)

  • 84+
    Committed Employees

Why Work With Us?

Creativity and Professionalism

Every member in our team is a team- player and passionate about what they bring to the table. We are not ordinary; rather, quite creative with exciting new ways to exceed customer expectations.

Industry Experience

Working with clients from various industries have equipped us with valuable insight. We know how to deliver results and are always ready to learn and take on new challenges .

Domain Expertise

You don’t have to think it all up by yourself when you have us to help you finesse your thoughts. We try harder each time to give you results better that you expected.

Quick Response

Our customer care reps are waiting to serve you. Whether on emailor phone call we get back to you in record time.

Personalized Service

Every member of our team is delighted to serve, and so we always give what we would expect to receive.

Long-term Relationships

We are keen on building lasting relationships, and so every contact we make with you counts. To us, you are not “just another customer.” You are the customer we will move mountains for because your success is ours too.


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