Learn in-depth skills and techniques on Professional content writing , write great articles for your clients , get consistent work and earn recurring income from your writing

Walk confidently into the future with the help of a highly experienced team.

Hello, Future Writer!

Welcome to Wingu where we are committed to giving you quality training that will put you ahead of the competition.

If you are committed to learning professional content writing read on because this course is designed for you.

Writing comes in handy in all spheres of life, and just like any other skill, it requires constant practice to master. Some writers do not know this, but training is vital if you want to turn your words into cash. This course is designed to give you the right start with practical skills that are in high demand

Here are some course features  : 

  • Comprehensive article writing training, including how to write product reviews, case studies, landing pages, product descriptions, blog writing, journalist-quality news articles, press releases , about us pages , social media posts and sales copies.
  • 12 assessment master tests to build an awesome portfolio ( We mark and give feedback on all 12 master tests )
  • Insights on how to setup a blog/website from scratch
  • All you need to know about writing and self-publishing an eBook
  • Mentorship from a team of expert content writers.
  • Pitching and proposal skills to get your own clients.
  • Job opportunities for those who complete the full course and assessment tests.
  • Technical support.
  • High standards of training to ensure you are competitive in the industry. We also update the course frequently to keep up with the market.
  • 10+  engaging training videos
  • Lifetime acess to the course

Not so shabby, right?

That – and a lot more – is what we offer. Wingu prepares you for a successful future as a freelance writer so you can add value to your clients and get consistent work.

Well, that’s exactly what I’m offering you; to help you become a successful freelance writer. Another plus is that our team makes updates to the course on a weekly basis , so you always have up to date information.

Details of Offer

This offer is for newbie and experienced writers.

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Price: Kshs 15,000 ( $150 ) 
  • Mode of access: Online based study.
  • Part of the package: 12 assessments and feedback on your copies

Get to know us a little

We have been training writers for our in-house teams for over 5 years, and in this time we gathered what the market needs and what is lacking. We know the most common mistakes writers make, ways to correct them, and how to turn average writers into great ones.

If we have learnt anything from the five years we have been training content writers, it is if you are willing to improve their skills you can do so.

How is this course different from other content writing courses?

While most article writing  courses  focus very little on skills, and  much more on chasing down clients for work , which platforms to get work , bidding and aggressive a pitching  , we do the opposite. We take on a skills-first approach .We equip you with in-depth skills and techniques to make you a high value freelancer, deliver quality work and stand out from the competition ,  this way you attract clients and get consistent work instead of chasing down clients all the time. Sure, we show you how to get consistent work , but we give you the skills first.

Requirements for the Course

Access to a computer, internet, good grammar and basic research skills, interested in reading and writing.


Here are some more goodies

When you complete the course, you get the following;

  • Membership to an exclusive Facebook page for mentorship.
  • Email blasts for vetted jobs.
  • Exposure to various job opportunities
  • Consideration to be part of our team if you meet our requirements.

Content Writers are in Demand

Good content translates to revenues, and so that means content writers are constantly in high demand. The world has embraced digital marketing in a way that ensures good writers will always have their plates full. You can only take advantage of this evolution if you can provide the kind of service marketers are looking for, and Wingu equips you with skills for this market.

We teach you;

  • Web content writing.
  • Copywriting techniques
  • Writing for businesses
  • Search engine Optimized content writing

…and many more.

Learn Effective Content Writing

You too can be a highly sought-after content writer if you;

Received practical training that is relevant and up-to-date.

If you become consistent and committed in your content creation.

Don’t wait another day to become the content creator you admire. Start today.

Learning Outcomes of this Course

This course will teach you the foundation of professional freelancing to getting clients. These are some
of the things you will learn ;

You can view the course structure here 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Professional Freelance Writing

Chapter 2: General Principles of Good Writing

Chapter 3: Research Tools

Chapter 4: Skills Training

Chapter 5: Writing Revenues

Chapter 6: Creating a Website, Self-Publishing an eBook, and Setting up a Portfolio

Chapter 7: Common Mistakes Writers Make

Chapter 8: Mindset & Mentorship

Chapter 9: Submission & Assessment

Chapter 10: Final Tips and Q&A

Get ready to learn these and more from in only a few weeks;

  • The essentials of professional writing.
  • Earning from writing – Getting consistent work
  • How to create a good portfolio


Upon completion, we will give you a certificate of completion.

How to Enroll

You can enroll automatically if you pay with Paypal Through this link ) . For Kenyans Here are the steps to pay and
enroll using Mpesa

  • 1
    Go to the Mpesa menu on your phone
  • 2
    Go to “Lipa na Mpesa” , then “Buy goods and services “. Enter Till Number as “600260” and amount Kshs 15,000 then  enter your PIN
  • 3
    Wait for a confirmation message from MPesa with the transaction code.
  • 4
    Fill the form below and click “Submit details”. After our team verifies the payment ( Within 5 -10 minutes )  you will get an email with a link to join the course.

Mpesa Payment Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide support to trainees?
We do provide lifetime support to our trainees. We address your questions and concerns about the course to those enrolled with us.
How will I get enrolled after making payment?
Students who pay with Paypal are automatically enrolled. If you make a payment through Mpesa ( For Kenyans ), we send you an invitation link to the course and system once we verify your payment. The process takes less than ten minutes.
Will Wingu help me get job opportunities ?
Yes. We do provide job opportunity assistance. We are regularly approached by organizations who are looking for content writers and we pass this opportunity to our students. Also, we keep our students regularly updated on the openings available in the market. However we dont guarantee jobs because in the end it also depends on a number of factors including your skills, experience , nature of work , quality and commitment.
What is the duration of the course and when does it start?
Its an online course and it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. Ideally, it can take you 4 weeks to complete
How long do I get access to the course material?
We give you a lifetime access to all the course material.
What sets this course apart from others?
One: We focus on teaching you indepth skills from the ground up while most other course only focus on looking for clients
Two: We guide you through 12 assessment tests that when completed as required, will form a formidable portfolio.
Three: Every chapter of the course contains done-for-you examples that take you through the process of writing a great article – from the beginning.
Four: Lifetime access to course material and unlimited support from a team of expert.
Five: Inclusion to an exclusive club of writers that receive job alerts and opportunities whenever we hire new writers for our team.

What successful trainees are saying…

Anne W.

The training course came at an amazing time for me. I learned so much over a short period that I didn’t think possible before I considered writing; enough to start paying bills immediately I completed training. The course is detailed, the pace is great, and the mentors have enough patience to guide any dedicated newbie.
Now, I focus on product reviews, product descriptions, blog posts, and editorials as my key niches. Working part-time, making enough to pay all the bills, and pursuing other interests at the same times feels like a dream finally come true.